Looking for an accountant who cares about your business success?

Welcome to TaxPlus Accountants & Advisors, a modern, innovative and pro-active accounting firm located in Sydney’s Hurstville and Edmondson Park.

As pro-active accountants, we believe we have a responsibility to help you grow your business, your profits and ultimately your personal wealth. As a business owner, we recognise that you want to cut the cost of compliance, which requires you to match your business needs and level of accounting skill with your accounting software program.

We recognise the fact that business owners want five things beyond tax and compliance work including:

  1. GROWTH - help me grow my revenue and my wealth
  2. PROFIT - help me improve my business profitability
  3. CASHFLOW - understand and free up my cash flow
  4. ASSET PROTECTION - help me protect my assets
  5. SUCCESSION - help me plan my business sale or succession plan